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Steering Committee BIPMed:

Iscia Lopes-Cendes (UNICAMP)

Claudia B. Medeiros (UNICAMP)

Benilton S. Carvalho (UNICAMP)

Munir Skaf                 (UNICAMP)

Wilson Silva Jr.          (USP-RP)

Joseane Morari          (UNICAMP)

Marcelo Briones         (UNIFESP)


Project Manager:

Cristiane Rocha (UNICAMP)


Steering Committee Human Variome Project:

Iscia Lopes-Cendes (UNICAMP)

Vera G.S. Lopes       (UNICAMP)

Roberto Giugliani      (UFRGS)

Wilson Silva Jr.            (USP-RP)

Peter Pearson            (USP)