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Data Sharing

Want to share your data at BIPMed Public Genomic Databases? Or, want to have access to the genomic information deposited in the BIPMed Public Genomic Databases? Please, check the rules and required documents.

Upload your onw data to BIPMed Platform

Here you can understand how you can upload and make it avaliable on BIPMed platform.

Download BIPMed databases

Here you will be able to download some of the data avaliable on BIPMed Platform

FAQ Section

We only accept data in BAM/CRAM format for raw data or VCF multi-sample or individual VCF files for filtered data. The same goes for the our data.

The data for you will be avaliable within 2 weeks, if all your crediantials were processed and accepted by the BIPMed committee. Don't worry, if anything is not correct we will enter in contact with you to elucidate any problem.

Once you request by the forms indicated in the beginnig of this page, you will receive a dropbox link to upload/download the data within 2 weeks. If the files are way to big, a ftp link will be sent.

We do not recommend to delete your own data. Even though we are a repository data center and we are going to make everything in our power to securate your data, please be aware that you need a backup file of the data you upload to BIPMed.

Please, read the Research Data User Agremment on "Download BIPMed Databases" page (on the beginnig of this page) to see the ethics of using our data. Please, cite us if you publish using any of our databases.